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  1. Sgtmeatsauce1
    Sgtmeatsauce1 STAN SCHWARTZ
    I tried unleashed, not happy with Torrie, I have a AJPTURBO tune now couldn't be happier. Drives stock like unless aggressive or in SUPER. BIG night n day difference over stock. I can't go back to stock now. Any questions I be happy to answer....
      Oh hell yeah! I've already decided that he's my tuner. And I can't wait to get his tune on my car!

      Do you have any other mods?
      Aug 1, 2018
      Okay...I saw your reply in tapatalk, but now looking at the web site, I don't see your reply. Where do I find it, in this interface? I want to study it more! :)
      Aug 2, 2018
    FRDSHOGRL93X3 Mels
    Hey were you at a car show in a DeCiccios parking lot in NY about 4-5 Fridays back? I think its in Carmel NY but right over the CT line off 84. Hope all is well.
  3. cali+Mocasho+
    Annnnndthe sho makes Turns me into amechanic again and again With every problem.
  4. Mrhappytuzi
  5. KG_SHO91MTX
    No longer a member
  6. Driver5
    Driver5 zoomlater
    Yeah I'm going to pick it up this weekend
  7. Shohobo
  8. Tim Brand
    Tim Brand zoomlater
    Hey thanks for the link on the front strut tower brace I bought it this morning.
    SHO4ROBB Form1le
  10. Aaron1991
    Replacing the motor in my 93 sho
  11. Aaron1991
    Replacing the motor in my 93 sho I
  12. Crazyeights
    Crazyeights SHO4Peachie
    I have a 2015 Impact Blue Metallic SHO with PP. I can't tell from your picture what exactly yours is.
    1. SHO4Peachie
      2013 Deep Impact Blue SHO non-PP.
      May 15, 2018
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  13. Chromatic
    Missed out on a set of Konis but who knows if it was a legit deal or not. (Outside shoforum)
  14. kinder
    I'm just a boy, standing front of a car, hoping to make it go faster. '13 SHO PP, Unleashed 91 tune, 3 Bar MAF, 170 deg stat, H&R springs.
  15. Chromatic
    I <3
  16. Greg Corcoran
    Greg Corcoran zoomlater
    Ryan @ SHOsource already has a set of 4 cores they won't break up. They would sell me all 4 and in my case - rebuild just the rears. It would be my problem to do something with the extra set of front ones. That's my Plan B. I'm hoping there is a set of rear Tokicos out there looking for their soul mates. However - Ryan might be interested in your cores it took a while to find this set they do have.
  17. cablemn
    cablemn Ohitsreggie
    Hi i think im interested in our tuner. what would you let it go for?
  18. bigro007
    hi to you all
  19. DNort
    DNort SV&HOdan
  20. Chromatic
    Prepping for the 60k, 3rd gen subframe mod, and most likely a trans rebuild. Gonna be a busy April/May but so worth it.

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