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  1. shomanbob
    1991 Black/Mocha SHO
  2. Ghostrider2148
    Ghostrider2148 ridered74
    Thanks for the input. I’m still trying to choose a tuner; who did you use? Do anything different?
    Thanks again
    1. ridered74
      I went with Livernois about 2.5 years ago. Loved it, easy to install. This summer I tried Unleashed just to see the difference. Had a ton of trouble getting it loaded. Ended up being extremely similar to the Livernois tune, but I went back to the LIvernois tune after about two weeks. Been tuned for about 57K miles now, car just turned 166K miles last night, runs as good as when I bought it.
      Feb 14, 2018
  3. Ghostrider2148
    Ghostrider2148 StealBlueSho
    I saw an old post where you weren’t happy with unleashed; just wondering why and if you have a change of mind. I’m trying to decide on a tuner with unleashed & Lms under consideration.
    Thanks in advance.
  4. Ghostrider2148
    Ghostrider2148 yo tony
    I saw your response to the 3 bar map and your comment that you don’t use Lms. I’m trying to decide on a tuner - who do you use? I’m not looking for a track tune just wanting more than stock better throttle response and drive ability. Down pipes / installed is about $1200.are they worth it?
    Thanks for input.
  5. luke
    I'm not a robot
  6. luke
    Im alive
  7. Kyledashoman
    Kyledashoman Jesse Menck
    Aye, is this Jesse that used to go to Barrett parkway?? Cause we are definitely friends on Facebook book lol
    1. Kyledashoman
      It's big Kyle that had the 240's and worked at cowboys.
      Jan 3, 2018
  8. IamNabil
    I need coffee.
  9. bpd1151
    Lost in the confines of the MATRIX.
  10. Zach Zucatti
    Zach Zucatti Form1le
    Sent you an email from your craigslist ad with sho parts but thought I'd send you a message here too to make sure you got it. Interested in ingalls rear control arms if available. What shape they're in. I'm located in Tamaqua, PA so not far. You can email me at Thanks
  11. REDSOX
    REDSOX fredrickdgl
    James please give me a call today. I am interested in discussing what you want for the whole vehicle if that makes this an easier transaction for you. If not I will purchase the Quaife Transmission, Jose SHOrt Shifter and Stage 3 Clutch (need to know miles on clutch).


  12. REDSOX
    REDSOX fredrickdgl
    James give me a call tomorrow to discuss the price of quiafe transmission along with the Jose SHOrt Shifter. I am definitely purchasing the Quaife transmission. Don't sell it as I will drive up this week and pick it up.


  13. mybigsho
    2016 SHO NON PP, LMS V11, CAI, 3BAR, H@R SPRINGS, CATTED DP'S.. BEST ET 12.61@109 176 SIXTY..
    SHOHARD Lorenzo Dimas
    $500 for the Stainless works that has less than 3000 miles on it. That is with trading your stock pipes and we each cover our own shipping. I can send them out tomorrow or Wednesday. Sound good to you?
  15. Hawkeye13
    Hawkeye13 95ShoOff
    I’ve got a 2013 PP that I might sell. New tires and only 56k miles. Let me know if interested and I can tell you more.
    1. 95ShoOff
      sorry , already picked up a 17 pp
      Nov 25, 2017
  16. mark cunningham
    mark cunningham
    Mr C. here with good news I have up for sale a 1989 3.0 with 112.000 miles never started HAS GOOD HEADS lower end needs bearings
  17. mark cunningham
    mark cunningham
    Hi Mark here I,m not a SHO OWNER yet , but have ah real liken for the early Motors .....
  18. wjayg
    wjayg techkermit
    Engine comes with stand and how complete is engine? I.e. Alternator ps pump?
  19. kwforddude
    kwforddude bigfundj
    Hi I would like to ask you some questions regarding your 91 sho for sale. Could i give you a call?
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  20. erand
    erand Bizzy
    I no longer want to sell my 1999 SHO - can you please remove it from the Trader forum. Thanks.
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