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  1. OG-SHOguy
    Does anybody really read these.....?
    1. thegreatbriguy
      Sep 25, 2017 at 4:13 PM
  2. Hawkeye13
    Hawkeye13 jmr061
    Hello, I was wondering what to on 2010 SHO with Sony system and non nav. Can I add aftermarket head unit or will all the buttons below be dead?
  3. OG-SHOguy
    SHO enthusiast from the beginning...It's a love/hate relationship.
  4. redwraith94
    Hunting Cannibals
  5. NINJA90037
    NINJA90037 Tiffany 4 SHO
    Hey Tiffany please call me at626-642-6653 my name is Chris
  6. OffLikeASHOt
    Beautiful day with a beautiful car...
  7. 93driver
    93driver Bizzy
    Hi Bizzy, I am looking for some advice/a part for my '93 ATX. I am getting lost on your website, I have no idea how it works. What's with all the jargon? 93driver
  8. bigfundj
    Wedding DJ located in Cupertino, California
  9. 99sho-time
    99sho-time E1
    Hello E1 you wouldnt happen to have an 1999 sho ABS control module you could sell would ya?
    1. E1
      I have a '96 one, known working. I also have it on high authority that this swap has been done from 96 to a 99 and it worked fine.

      Check the thread. Yeah, I can part with it.
      Aug 18, 2017
  10. Stanginsmalls
    Tuxedo Black 13 SHO PP Custom Unleashed E30 tune K&N CAI methanol injection 3" catless DPs 160 tstat Super Sonic Trumpet BOVs VTA Eagle F1s
  11. tery
    tery zak
    Hey, I might have the motor mount you need..I’ll check, can you send a pic of the one you need? is it with the ears and the one bolt? Terry
  12. Tactical SHO
    Tactical SHO ShoGuy93
    Hey I'm interested in your subframe connectors and LED lights. And possibly a few other parts contact me please. 330 608 1031 looking forward to hearing from you soon
  13. Nicklepickle40
    Need help with my aho
  14. DrkVader
    DrkVader Usmcsho01
    hey bro! i follow you on IG. Wondering where you been, its been a while since you posted. i was looking forward to the air ride!
  15. kwb3
    kwb3 thegreatbriguy
    That sounds good on the center caps - have any pictures you can send?
  16. hertz2
    hi,i have changed mycrank sencer,my dis,my alt,and eng still looses all power and shuts down,also gages shut
  17. Louis Capolino
    Louis Capolino
    Anyone Near Winston-Salem, NC ---Club?
  18. Louis Capolino
    Louis Capolino
    Near Winston-Salem, NC
  19. Texmarc55
    Just purchased a 2017 RAM Longhorn....SHO is sitting comfortably in driveway with only Sunday drives to church....more or less.
  20. hertz2
    1989 hot sho
    1. hertz2
      need help to change intake connectors?
      Apr 22, 2017

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