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    Checking spare parts (old Ford and third party ones) for the SHO.

    It's seems the original design of thermostats change over years. Our F6DZ ones (original) doesn't have the same design as the news for sale today. I'm wondering if it worth the trouble to change it for the improvement in his shape ? The opening is larger and a part was added to create turbulence in the flow to reduce the brutal heat changes. Anyone with some knowledge can help me to see clear with that ? Thanks.

    SHO thermostat 3.jpg .jpg

    Also, all the ones I saw sold as "normal operating temp" are 180 degrees but when I search here, I read some comments from Paul Nimz saying the normal operating temp for them is 195 degrees... (?)
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    180F is the stock opening temps. Aftermarkets may open sooner, but most open later (190F). All depends on your goals. If things are working, I'd stay stock 180F. I live in high temp area's where 115F ambient air isn't uncommon in the summer, and winters can get to 20's (which isn't harsh). 180F is good for the daily driver. Fuel performance is generally best if engine coolant temps are maintained between 195-210F (racing).
    If there are issues with maintaining temperatures, then I wouldn't look to the T-Stat, except for replacement, but rather at head gasket, water pump, or radiator failure.

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